X Window structure digram

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Thanks all for your suggestions and I really want to see more great
materials about X Window come out. I learn from these great source so I want
to help to make it better.

The more I dig into X Window, the more fun I get.


On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 12:19 AM, Jim Gettys <jg at freedesktop.org> wrote:

> The standards spec in Scheifler and Gettys has been freely available from
> day one under the MIT license.
> The copyright of anything else in the volume Scheifler and Gettys
> (including the introduction, diagrams, TOC, and the wonderful index) is now
> owned by us: we were clever enough in the (already very generous) agreement
> with Digital Press to have the copyrights on the rest of the book return to
> us if the book went out of print.
> I can't speak for the agreements other books in the series, though I
> suspect they may be similar.
> Personally, I'd be very happy to license the rest of Scheifler and Gettys
> (the parts that were not in the X distribution) under a CC attribution share
> alike license; if someone wants to do something with the rest of that volume
> (and I have the troff sources for the rest of it someplace, btw), I'll
> bother to dig it up and check with Bob if that's ok with him.
>                               - Jim
> David Gerard wrote:
>> If a corrected version of this can be released under a suitable
>> license (e.g. the X11 licence), it'd be an excellent addition to the
>> [[X.Org Server]] article in Wikipedia, and possibly [[X Window System
>> protocols and architecture]].
>> - d.
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