XI2 pull warning

Thomas Jaeger thjaeger at gmail.com
Thu May 28 11:54:22 PDT 2009

Hi Peter,

Sorry for replying off-list first.

Thanks for the work you've put into this.  I haven't spent a lot of time
 testing the new code, but here are my first impressions.  You're
probably aware of most of the issues below already, but I'll mention
them just in case.

* The biggest issue for me right now is reporting of XI1 (see the
attached test program).  XSelectExtensionEvents and
XGrabDevice/XGrabDeviceButton will only report press events; motion and
release events are lost.

* A driver sending a proximity event crashes the server.

* XIGrabButton always fails with a BadDevice error.

* It seems to be pretty easy to crash the server using XI1 applications.
 I'll provide more information later

* libXi doens't support parallel builds (make -j2) anymore.

I haven't played with XI2 code a lot yet, but the interface seems a lot
nicer than XI1 so far.  I can't think of any features that are missing
right now except for button grabs and XTest support.


Peter Hutterer wrote:
> This is a pull warning for XI2 into master.
> Next Thursday, Jun 4, I will pull XI2 into master. I will spend the rest of
> this week ironing out issues so that the merge will be smooth. There will be
> another warning email following the merge.
> In the meantime, please test the xi2 branches from
> git://people.freedesktop.org/~whot/xserver.git
> git://people.freedesktop.org/~whot/inputproto.git
> git://people.freedesktop.org/~whot/libXi.git

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