It's useful to have a working X server if a client holds a grab when it triggers a debugger breakpoint

Harald Braumann harry at
Tue May 26 13:54:22 PDT 2009

On Tue, 26 May 2009 11:56:58 +1000
David Campbell <david at> wrote:
> By "switching to a VT", did you mean pressing CTRL-ALT-<number> to 
> switch to a virtual terminal?
> That doesn't work for me, due to the grab.  Pressing those keystrokes
> is unresponsive, thus for a standalone system in a location where
> there are no other computers, it still appears that the only option
> in the situation of hitting a breakpoint during a grab, is to force a
> power down and reboot.
> Do you know of any other options?

Yes, bind ``chvt 1'' to an ACPI event. It's a real day saver. 

At least on laptops you might find Fn-<key> combinations that are not
used otherwise. But you can use anything that emits an ACPI event, of
course. Other than that, I guess you could let your screensaver call a
script to switch the VT when it activates and set it to a short

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