Sluggish performance with ATi Rage 128

Kristaps Esterlins esterlinsh at
Sun May 24 02:41:02 PDT 2009

>> What kind of CPU load are you getting while playing the file? It's
> possible that the system is just too slow to play this format properly, as
> mplayer suggests. P3-500 is not that far beyond the days when MPEG-2 DVD
> playback was a stressful thing, so MPEG-4 might be too much.
> Also, it seems that without -framedrop option, mplayer won't drop frames if
> it gets behind in video rendering, so naturally the audio will get out of
> sync if it can't keep up.

CPU % is about 60-80%, load average goes to 1.10-1.40, I tried the
-framedrop option it seemed to help a bit all it was done with 16bit Depth.
I did a quick install of Windows XP on this same box just see if it's true,
Media Player Classic with XP Codec Pack gave me good results, I could watch
the video without problems, but there was something odd about this card, it
seemed that it was slightly underclocked: GPU - 80Mhz, Memory - 60Mhz. Also
I got the same flickering, slow scrolling on windows too, so 2D performance
on this card is very bad. I will replace it with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP

@ Андрей Рандрианасулу
*It seems that I have mplayer compiled without xvidix support :( But thanks
for your suggestions.*
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