Screen blanking with intel driver.

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Thu May 14 07:45:46 PDT 2009

I have a Dell D400 laptop with Intel i855GM graphics. I'm using the latest 
Xorg with intel driver ver. 2.7.1 and xserver 1.6.1 under kernel

I've noticed, that if I close my laptop's cover (with X running), two things 

1. The backlight is not turned off. The screen is bright. I tried to use 
vbetool to turn it off using acpid event (vbetool dpms off) ant it worked, 

2. When I close the cover for the first time, after I open it, the upper 
part of the screen is gray (about 1/10th of its height, from the very top). 
In the same time, the fonts are rendered in a wrong way. I cannot make a 
screenshot, becouse if I do so, everything on the screenshot is just as it 
should be. Therefore I've taken a photo which is available here: (notice a gray belt, some red 
spots (they are not on the picture itself) and rendering of a taskbar, 
especially in the lower right corner). Display goes back to a proper state 
if I switch to a console and back. Then there are no problems.

After I close the cover second time, the machine hangs. When I open the 
cover, all I can see is a blank screen with mouse pointer. The machine is 
not responding to either mouse nor keyboard at all. There is also totally 
no trace about any problem in system log files. The last thing are messages 
about executing the acpid action, which succeeds.

I can reproduce the above easily, it just happens everytime. Has anyone came 
across such problem? 
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