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Florian Lier xdev at
Thu May 14 05:21:18 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I've two questions concerning the current Xorg master-branch from GIT.

1) Is there any evidence why the current xorg stack doesn't start-up (, e.g. a particular module or driver which prevents X from starting up...
As far as I can see  xcb, x11perf, rendercheck, cairotest, cairoperf, nouveau,xdrivers, failed building. I got a running 1.6.99 "X" which is like 3-5 months old.
So is there any chance of getting a newer stack running if I don't checkout the broken modules?

2) My X  (which I mentioned above | 1.6.99) runs fine with the generic vesa driver - but I want to use the NV driver which I also checked out like three months ago from GIT.
The problem here is, the NV driver doesn't work, which means X doesn't start (and produces backtrace errors). What about the ongoing NV driver?

10q in advance!

cheers, Florian

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