How to make xorg prefer "nvidia" over "nv" driver in a xorg.conf less configuration?

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Thu May 14 07:32:30 PDT 2009

Stefan Dirsch wrote:
> What he wants to have is a config file (system) for the driver
> priority system. We don't have this. It's hardcoded.
> Actually it would make sense to have this configurable. Then, when
> updating a driver with new chip support, you could update this config
> file (system) and the Xserver would chose the right driver. No
> xorg.conf required.

We had this in the past, but it was a series of perl scripts the server
ran on startup, and thus slowed the startup down a lot for configuration
changes few people realized they could make.    (We had actually used it
in our nvidia driver packaging to have those packages install a config
script to prefer itself.)

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