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Gregory Smirnov gregory at
Wed May 6 00:46:21 PDT 2009

2009/5/6 mobidyc <mobidyc at>:
> Peter Hutterer a écrit :
>> On Tue, May 05, 2009 at 11:51:12PM +0200, mobidyc wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I want to modify the layout for an azerty keyboard.
>>> actually when the CAPSLOCK is active, i can't write numbers like the
>>> SHIFT key let me do this.
>> setxkbmap -option "caps:shiftlock" might do what you want. Note that this also
>> changes the capslock behaviour so it's cancelled by hitting shift.
> I can't use this option because it acts like the SHIFT key was all the
> time pressed thus I can't select what I want with the mouse.
> I want to do one of the two following way :
>  - modify the CAPSLOCK behaviour so it writes the upper left symbol of
> the number keys, like it does for the letters.
>  - modify the upper right symbol of the number keys to be the same than
> the upper left symbol.
> all modifications I made in the xkb/symbols/<file> are not working and I
> really don't know how to do what I want.

This is special Windows input mode that effects only first row in PC
keyboard (1-0-=).
I managed to make it work by adding new type (xkb/types) and then
modifying symbols (xkb/symbols). However I don't have this
configuration any more.

The main difference was that Linux symbols has 2 default groups, and
new type used 4 groups.
AltGr switches to group + 1; CapsLock to group 3.


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