[EDIT] Why do I need mouse acceleration to move windows and click buttons?

Dirk noisyb at gmx.net
Thu Feb 26 09:58:58 PST 2009

>> The bottom sticker of my mouse says 2000 DPI... so I want to move the
>> pointer 2000 pixels when i move the mouse an inch... NO MATTER HOW FAST I
> These are device pixels, not screen pixels. I really hope you didn't
> need me to explain this.

Well... the thing I tried to explain is that I (and other people) don't 
want to /have/ to give a f***...

1) I plug in 2000 dpi mouse
2) I move mouse 1 inch horizontally and/or vertically
3) pointer moves 2000 pixels horizontally and/or vertically


that really is all that one cares about when he wants to use Linux for 
gaming. PRECISION! Not useless Desktop features that interfere and make 
one seriously freak out during an important match.

You could completely remove mouse acceleration from the codebase and 
increase the quality of Linux as a gaming system.

People who believe they need an accelerated pointer to click buttons or 
move windows are not bright enough to realize the absence of 
acceleration anyways.

I know Windows has mouse acceleration too... but just because they call 
it a feature it shouldn't be part of a Linux Desktop and enable itself, 
randomly, over and over again.

Right now I run a script that calls xset 30 times a minute with sleeps 
as a cronjob to make sure it stays disabled.

Before, I even sent my mouse back to the manufacturer because I thought 
it was broken before I realized it was a problem with Linux so I guess I 
/am/ a little annoyed.

Not as much as i (e.g.) was before i uninstalled HAL to get control over 
my Linux back. But still...

I'll check out 


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