Detect TV Out on VIA board

Matteo Croce mcroce at
Wed Feb 25 09:57:08 PST 2009

Hi all,

while developing an embedded distro for a kiosk, I have found Xorg
much unstable,
it hanged using 99% CPU and it couldn't be killed.
After many month of tries i've accidentally found that Xorgs hangs
when all the same conditions are met:

1) Xorg should run in dual head
2) an X client must play a movie with Xvideo acceleration
3) the TV cable should be UNPLUGGED

the hardware is a VIA EPIA board, i'm using drivers from, any version gives the same result
the weird thing is that IIRC the TV out connector is unidirectional,
so how can the driver know
if there is somethinbg attached or not?

Matteo Croce

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