int10 using vbios from wrong card

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Sat Feb 21 00:44:50 PST 2009

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Steven J Newbury wrote:

> While trying to figure out where my VGA->SCART video output has
> disappeared, I noticed my secondary Radeon 9250 is being booted with the
> VBIOS from the primary X800 as can be seen in the attached log.  Older
> logs from working versions seem to show the same thing, so that's not
> necessarily caused my immediate problem of no modes on VGA-0...

 	Does it look like it's at all related to my final comments on this bug 

 	Looking at my log, it doesn't mention the BIOS either way, but I'm 
using the nv and sis drivers, not radeon, so that may have something to do 
with it.

 	You may or may not find some of the information attached to that bug 
report helpful.



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