compiling xcompmgr, xorg-macros

Dan danstowell+xorg at
Fri Feb 20 13:49:06 PST 2009

Hi -

I checked out xcompmgr from the public git, and tried to compile it;
the produced this error:

  error: configure built with too old a version of xorg-macros.m4 -
requires version 1.1.0 or newer

(the version number is wrong, as in the patch I sent earlier. really,
I have v1.1 and the script wants v1.2)

So in order to get the latest xorg-macros, I cloned the public git
from git/xorg/util/macros, ran autogen and sudo make install, fine.

But I still get the same error when trying to compile xcompmgr. I'm
sure I've missed something, but what? Any suggestions welcome.


P.S. system info in case relevant: Asus Eee, i686, linux kernel, xandros

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