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> > [...]. It seems as though it would be important [...]
> could be important [...] could be important [...] clients
> might be broken [...].
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> > The user should be able [...] it could be harmful
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> See if you can remove the modal verbs and still come up
> with valid 
> arguments. You brought up nothing but hypothetical cases
> and problems. 
> Find a single still actively used application that has been
> broken by 
> the removal.
> tom
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I am not sure if there are any OCR applications or screen readers on X that have been written to dump directly into an application. An extension to allow all communications between the xserver and client to be captured adn for events to be inserted certainly would enable those applications to be developed in the future. Why reinvent the wheel if such extensions already exist. Obviously you cant have the possibility of such applications without the capability . Your argument is like saying, why should we add a composite extension when there are no applications that presently utilise interwindow composition?  I actually do seem to recall a while ago that there was a viavoice speach recognition on Linux that used xtrap to dump the text into any application. Linux is presently not strong on speech recognition, ocr, and screen readers and to make any of this work well there will have to be better support for xtrap kind of features.

x11vnc provides an option to use xtrap but uses record and xtest by default. If xtest and record duplicate all features of xtrap then the damage isnt quite as bad but, there are probably apps out there that still use xtrap. Its been a part of X since 1989.

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