New Video Decode and Presentation API

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Wed Feb 18 14:22:05 PST 2009

On 17 Feb 2009, at 18:05, Andy Ritger wrote:

>> Are the even and odd frames scaled individually before applied to the
>> resulting surface, or are they applied to the screen, then scaled?
> I believe the latter: the content is deinterlaced at the resolution
> of the content, and then the progressive frame is scaled to the size
> specified by the video player.
> The documentation here may be helpful (particularly the data flow  
> diagram):
> Deinterlacing is done in the VdpVideoMixer, and I expect scaling is  
> done
> as part of constructing the VdpOutputSurface.
> It may be worth looking at what deinterlacing configuration your video
> player is using.  E.g., is it requesting temporal or temporal-spatial
> deinterlacing?

Neither, I'm trying to not use deinterlacing in the graphics card.

Is it technically (theoretically) possible to rearrange the order of  
merging the fields and scaling?

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