[Xlib] Saving state before an unmap

Andrew Troschinetz ast at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Feb 13 12:50:53 PST 2009

On Feb 13, 2009, at 1:31 PM, Pat Kane wrote:

> Do either of these project help?
>      <http://standards.freedesktop.org/xembed-spec/xembed-spec-0.5.html 
> >
>      <https://launchpad.net/libwnck>

Actually yes, I had originally looked at libwnck before I started  
developing my solution. In fact much of my code looks very similar to  
the source of libwnck simply by virtue of both codebases doing very  
nearly the same sorts of things.  In the end though I decided to roll  
my own solution because I needed to be able manipulate windows by  
their WM_NAME and I needed to be able to manipulate things that  
libwnck doesn't (like window decorations and such). I also only needed  
a very small subset of the features offered by libwnck so rolling my  
own solution, while re-inventing the wheel somewhat, was only re- 
inventing a very small wheel ;)

I could probably use libwnck calls underneath the API of my codebase,  
however it seems maybe safer having a library like mine that doesn't  
rely on gtk/gdk to get its job done since we do have to deploy on  
machines not running Gnome. In fact, we deliver source and that source  
gets built on designated build machines not under our organization's  
control. It's possible that those machines may not even have gtk/gdk/ 
libwnck installed, and it would be somewhat of a hassle to package  
those things into our kit.

It's good to compare notes with the libwnck source though, that at  
least is very helpful.

The XEmbed protocol looks interesting however I'm pretty sure the  
Motif WM doesn't support it, just like it doesn't support the Extended  
Window Manager Hints specification (though I really wish it would).

Unfortunately my current issue isn't solved by either of those  
projects because it's outside their domain. Neither of those projects  
deal with un-mapping and re-mapping windows to accomplish some task.

Andrew Troschinetz
Applied Research Laboratories

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