[Intel-gfx] xf86-video-intel memory leakage

Stefano Avallone stavallo at unina.it
Fri Feb 13 01:29:51 PST 2009

On Thursday 12 February 2009 11:23:35 Chris Wilson wrote:
> Since cairo-perf will cause a "leak" of a couple of GiB in a few seconds
> on my i915, I was able to track down the cause pretty quickly. It turns
> out not to be limited to uxa at all, just uxa exercises the bufmgr much
> more than exa.
> The issue appears to be the bufmgr cache handling which appears
> unbounded. Its use was introduced with:
> commit a893f176dda0b64f7dadfda6bf0331240037851e
> Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
> Date:   Fri Jul 25 15:56:35 2008 -0700
>     Add call to intel_bufmgr_gem_enable_reuse
> So you can try reverting that commit and confirming if that clears the
> issue for you.

Well, I can see some improvement by reverting the above patch. Xorg memory 
usage increases more slowly (but still increases) and also "sudo lsof | grep 
"drm mm object" | wc -l" reports much smaller numbers.
However, I'd like to know whether the two following behaviors can be 
considered as "normal":
- when I close all the KDE applications, Xorg memory usage increases (usually 
by 0.1%). On the machine with ATI card and radeon driver (but kernel 2.6.26), 
the Xorg memory usage decreases when closing all the KDE applications.
- after resuming from suspend, there is some swap memory used. The usage of 
swap memory increases after every resume.


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