xf86-video-intel memory leakage

Johannes Engel jcnengel at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 7 12:17:27 PST 2009

Marco schrieb:
> Same for me, starting iceweasel on my GM45 bump suddenly out of swap.
> Bisected to:
> deneb:~/src/xf86-video-intel.git# git bisect view
> commit 8d4bc36fae50b09a73ba2cfab920adb32141a358
> Author: Jesse Barnes <jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org>
> Date:   Mon Jan 26 17:14:06 2009 -0800
>     Support tiled back/depth on 915-class hardware with DRI2.
>     Set alignments, tile settings and flags correctly in the 2D driver to suppor
>     tiled rendering.  UXA's create pixmap function currently assumes the worst
>     about the alignment constraints; that should probably be fixed.  Some of the
>     1M alignment fixes could probably be done more cleanly as well.
> (END)
> In fact after reverting it, all seems fine.
I can confirm that for my 945GM.
Don't know if that is really the culprit or just what makes another
error more obvious...

Cheers, Johannes

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