USB Touchscreen

Diego A. Fons diegofons at
Wed Feb 11 07:29:13 PST 2009


I'm using Xfbdev with TSlib and the Linux input event interface. The 
command line I'm using to launch X is:
  Xfbdev :0 -br -pn -mouse tslib,,device=/dev/input/event2 -noreset 
-screen 800x600x16 &

This is my problem, when I disconnect the touch some library (TSlib or X 
itself) lost the input device, this is the message:
  usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 9
  selected device is not a Linux input event device

And the only way to restore the touch is relaunching X.

What can I do to solve this behavior? I'm using it on an embedded 
device, when it enters in (kind of) sleep mode it shut down the USB power.

Ideas? Comments?

Diego A. Fons.

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