[PATCH] glx: Replace broken GLX visual setup with a fixed "all" mode.

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Tue Feb 10 12:31:13 PST 2009

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 7:00 AM, Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net> wrote:
> With trying to match depths so that you didn't end up with a depth 24
> fbconfig for the 32-bit composite visual, I broke the alpha bits on the depth
> 24 X visual, which angered other applications.  But in fixing that, the
> pickFBconfigs code for "minimal" also could end up breaking GLX visuals if
> the same FBconfig was chosen for more than one X visual.
> We have no reason to not expose as many visuals as possible, but the old
> "all" mode didn't match any existing X visuals to GLX visuals, so normal
> GL apps didn't work at all.
> Instead, replace it with a simple combination of the two modes: Create GLX
> visuals by picking unique FBconfigs with as many features as possible for
> each X visual in order.  Then, for all remaining FBconfigs that are
> appropriate for display, add a corresponding X and GLX visual.
> This gets all applications (even ones that aren't smart enough to do FBconfigs)
> get all the options to get the visual configuration they want.  The only
> potential downside is that the composite ARGB visual is unique and gets a
> nearly full-featured GLX visual (except that the root visual might have taken
> the tastiest FBconfig), which means that a dumb compositing manager could
> waste resources. Write compositing managers using FBconfigs instead, please.

That's probably fine.  The code in question was, erhm a little
un-inspired and I never liked the option.  Looks good to me.


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