Current tinderbox regression (libtrans)

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at
Mon Feb 9 19:17:14 PST 2009

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> I don't see any errors or problems there in my builds, but perhaps there's
> a difference between the Solaris & Linux headers that causes this issue.
> I did have to move the X11/Xos_r.h to before that function to correct
> errors
>  that I did hit in the Solaris builds, which I did in commit cca91ddaa...
> Are the socket structure defines not included by that point on Linux?
> (It seems to be compaining about struct sockaddr_un.)
> I've gone ahead and applied your revert patch, since Paolo's patch causes
> problems on my Solaris builds (it makes trans_mkdir static in
> Xtranssock.c,
> but it's used in Xtranslocal.c which is included before Xtranssock.c).

  Can you post the Solaris log of build error please? Btw lots of
pepole prefer to say Paolo instead of Paulo, does my name sound
wrong or funny in other languages? :-)

  The problem in Linux is indeed deferencing sockaddr_un fields
without definition of that structure.

  is_numeric() and trans_mkdir() are static functions, and believe
it or not, declared as such in Xtransint.h, but then there are other
"static" definitions in Xtransint.h...

  But those functions are used in Xtranssock.c and Xtransutil.c, and
given that those two files are included from transport.c, and the
functions are close to trivial, I am having trouble understanding
why moving the function definitions to before they are first used
would cause any error on Solaris, as with my patch, build goes fine
in Linux, without warnings.

  libxtrans probably should consist of just transport.c and Xtransint.h,
IMO, and add the proper #ifdef's around data/functions defined there.
libxtrans currently is something way too fragile...

  Nevertheless, thanks for applying the patch, as now one can build
everything again without needing to fix libxtrans first. Well, almost
everything as there are still a lot of uncompilable packages,
<irony>but they are "least" interesting packages, like

> 	-Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at
> 	 Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering
> Chris Ball wrote:
>> In file included from
>> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/transport.c:62, from
>> icetrans.c:31:
>> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:
>>   In function '_IceTransGetMyNetworkId':
>> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:258:
>>   error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
>> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:261:
>>   error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
>> (Would people prefer that I send these to xorg-devel@ instead?  They
>> have a possibly useful function to readers of xorg@, as they signify
>> when not to bother trying to build HEAD, but I'm fine with either one.)
>> - Chris.


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