Current tinderbox regression (libtrans)

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 9 17:27:16 PST 2009

I don't see any errors or problems there in my builds, but perhaps there's
a difference between the Solaris & Linux headers that causes this issue.

I did have to move the X11/Xos_r.h to before that function to correct errors
 that I did hit in the Solaris builds, which I did in commit cca91ddaa...

Are the socket structure defines not included by that point on Linux?
(It seems to be compaining about struct sockaddr_un.)

I've gone ahead and applied your revert patch, since Paolo's patch causes
problems on my Solaris builds (it makes trans_mkdir static in Xtranssock.c,
but it's used in Xtranslocal.c which is included before Xtranssock.c).

	-Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at
	 Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

Chris Ball wrote:
> In file included from
> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/transport.c:62, from icetrans.c:31:
> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:
>   In function '_IceTransGetMyNetworkId':
> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:258:
>   error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
> /home/cjb/xorg-build/include/X11/Xtrans/Xtransutil.c:261:
>   error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
> (Would people prefer that I send these to xorg-devel@ instead?  They
> have a possibly useful function to readers of xorg@, as they signify
> when not to bother trying to build HEAD, but I'm fine with either one.)
> - Chris.

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