xf86-video-intel memory leakage

Andrew Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 11:07:27 PST 2009

Steven Newbury <steve <at> snewbury.org.uk> writes:

> On Friday 06 February 2009 13:22:00 Johannes Engel wrote:
> > Vasily Khoruzhick wrote:
> > > Hi, it seems that there's a huge memory leakage in xf86-video-intel from
> > > git.
> > >
> > > For some reason, it eats all available swap in few minutes and system
> > > becomes unresponsible. As you can see on attached screenshot, all swap is
> > > eaten, but there's still a lot free real memory available.
> >
> > Are you using UXA or EXA?
> >
> I'm seeing this too (with UXA) running KDE4.  Not quite as rapid as Vasily, 
> but it becomes unusable after an hour or so.

Another "me too" post. It seems to be a lot worse when a compositing manager is
active, but it is present nonetheless without one. I've seen it under KWin's
OpenGL compositor as well as Compiz. I can't say for sure about XRender under

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