xf86-video-intel memory leakage

Steven Newbury steve at snewbury.org.uk
Fri Feb 6 05:30:34 PST 2009

On Friday 06 February 2009 13:22:00 Johannes Engel wrote:
> Vasily Khoruzhick wrote:
> > Hi, it seems that there's a huge memory leakage in xf86-video-intel from
> > git.
> >
> > For some reason, it eats all available swap in few minutes and system
> > becomes unresponsible. As you can see on attached screenshot, all swap is
> > eaten, but there's still a lot free real memory available.
> Are you using UXA or EXA?
I'm seeing this too (with UXA) running KDE4.  Not quite as rapid as Vasily, 
but it becomes unusable after an hour or so.

Same problem as reported in the "How to limit the size of VideoRAM?" thread on 
the intel-gfx list I think.

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