question about building mesa with the two scripts from Xorg wikis

Jacek Luczak difrost.kernel at
Tue Feb 3 06:31:48 PST 2009


Joe Smith pisze:
> Hi,
> So the questions are: 
> 1) Does mesa need to be built separately, as demonstrated in the second link?  If so, why is it commented out in

Yep, it does.

> 2) Should the --with-mesa-source parameter always be used, and if so, why is it not used in the second link?

This is not needed any more, see commit 	64f924fbf513b5f91b3f2bcf5767f6fe927d3f7a:

Kill off --with-mesa-source completely
There were a few spots left in the source that were using the --with-mesa-source
defined headers or the now removed $(top_srcdir)/GL directory. These aren't
needed anymore as all the necessary source for GLX is in $(top_srcdir)/glx.

Signed-off-by: Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at>



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