autoreconf issue with libXfont

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at
Mon Feb 2 08:42:53 PST 2009

Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> So this is a bit odd... I'm found an issue with libXfont that is
> making me a bit nuts.  I think it's probably related to libtool,
> autoconf, or automake... I wanted to see if anyone has seen something
> similar...
> When starting the server, it immediately dies because it can't find
> fonts:
> Could not init font path element /opt/local/share/fonts/misc/,
> removing from list!
> BUT the font cache is correct.  Rebuilding libXfont-1.3.3 from the
> distributed tarball gets us a working server.  Doing 'autoreconf -fvi'
> before rebuilding libXfont-1.3.3 triggers this bug.
> ??? Anyone got a clue-stick?

  libXfont has some "weak" symbols, that are defined both, the
X Server and in libXfont. In the X Server, these symbols must be
"exported", or the stub libXfont one will end up being used.

  But afaik, all of them use some sort of attribute to mark
them as weak symbols.

  I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but I noticed weird
things related to it, that don't happen in x86, but will cause
linking errors on mips.


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