i915 driver

Neil Sikka neilsikka at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 13:59:09 PST 2009

Hello. I am trying to get the different display modes working with my
portege M400 laptop. Im running 2.6.32 with the toshiba_acpi module.
the problem is that when i do:

echo "lcd_out:0;crt_out:1" > /proc/acpi/toshiba/video
cat /proc/acpi/toshiba/video

i get:
lcd_out: 1
crt_out: 0
tv_out: 0

I am following the guide at
http://memebeam.org/toys/ToshibaAcpiDriver. Why does the state of the
crt_out variable not change? the kernel file where this is handled is:
x86/toshiba_acpi.c. I have the same problem as these guys here:


I tried doing what was suggested at that link, but that did not work
either. Is there a known bug where the state of the driver (as seen by
cat /proc/acpi/toshiba/video) is not updated by writing to it(echo
"lcd_out:0;crt_out:1" > /proc/acpi/toshiba/video)? It seems that the
state written to this file is not persistant. I have posted my problem
in full detail here

Neil Sikka

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