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Robin Watson rmawatson at
Fri Dec 4 14:13:50 PST 2009

Hello. I am attempting to globally hook or ideally hook mouse events on a
single window using Xlib. I am using Fedora 11. I am attempting to get the
events I want using XSelectInput() on the default display, with the Window
of the application I am trying to read the mouse events from, using
PointerMotionMask. However, I am finding that this seems to be working


Various windows on the desktop, such as the Konsole window, or Kwrite hook
perfectly. and I get a stream of all the mouse move events when I mouse over
these windows. However I am having problems with certain other windows such
as Eclipse-CDT amongst others. Some of these windows seem to feed back no
mouse movement information.


I have tried using xev to test whether there was a problem with my code or
not. However even if I get the Window ID with xwininfo,(clicking on for
example Eclipse-CDT, and then feeding this Window ID to xev -id  it will
also not recieve the any mouse movement events for this window.


I am confused as to why XSelectInput() will get be able to select on
MotionNotify events on some windows and not others. Eclipse-CDT is certainly
not grabbing the mouse cursor. If anyone could shed any light as to why I
might not be recieving these events on some windows that would be very





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