Need PCI express 16 video card capable of 1680x1050 resolution

Paul White pjwhite at
Tue Sep 30 07:49:08 PDT 2008

I have a new Dell Inspiron computer with built-in Intel 82G33/G31 video.   
The Intel driver apparently doesn't recognize this specific chipset and  
defaults to using vesa, which doesn't support my monitor's native  
resolution of 1680x1050.

Is there any work being done to support this 82G33 chipset?

If not, can anyone recommend a specific, currently available,  
supported video card that will fit an available PCI express x16 (or PCI  
express x1) slot and work with my monitor?  I don't need 3D graphics.

My system details:
Xorg -version returns:

X.Org X Server 1.4.0
Release Date: 5 September 2007
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
Build Operating System: FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE i386
Current Operating System: FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE  
FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE #2: Wed Sep 17 01:56:55 MST 2008      
root at aptdell:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/BLACKROCK i386
Build Date: 13 February 2008  05:50:12PM

scanpci -v information for built-in video:

pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x02 function 0x00: vendor 0x8086 device 0x29c2
  Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller
  CardVendor 0x1028 card 0x027d (Dell, Card unknown)
   STATUS    0x0090  COMMAND 0x0007
   CLASS     0x03 0x00 0x00  REVISION 0x02
   BIST      0x00  HEADER 0x00  LATENCY 0x00  CACHE 0x00
   BASE0     0xfdf00000  addr 0xfdf00000  MEM
   BASE1     0x0000ff01  addr 0x0000ff00  I/O
   BASE2     0xd0000008  addr 0xd0000000  MEM PREFETCHABLE
   BASE3     0xfda00000  addr 0xfda00000  MEM
   MAX_LAT   0x00  MIN_GNT 0x00  INT_PIN 0x01  INT_LINE 0x10
   BYTE_0    0x09  BYTE_1  0x00  BYTE_2  0x0b  BYTE_3  0x01

-- Paul White

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