Does touchpads have buttons?

Søren Hauberg hauberg at
Mon Sep 29 07:27:08 PDT 2008

2008/9/29 Søren Hauberg <hauberg at>:
>> Or - even better, you hook into the default case of the switch statement for
>> BTN_TOUCH and let the already existing code handle buttons, draglock, etc.
>> (right now you're missing out on this).
> I tried only to break from the switch statement if we're not using a
> touch screen. That way, BTN_TOUCH should be handled by the default
> case if we're on a touch screen. This, however, seemed to kill the X
> server. I haven't had the time to debug it.

Just a quick follow-up. I can actually make this work, by setting
ev.code = BTN_LEFT. This is fine with me, as I think a touch should be
treated like a left button press. However, it might be worth figuring
out why the X server dies when the default case has to handle


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