How to implement alternate zap key idea

David Gerard dgerard at
Wed Sep 24 02:46:58 PDT 2008

2008/9/24 Igor Mozolevsky <igor at>:
> 2008/9/24 David Gerard <dgerard at>:

>> FWIW, I tend to kill X not with ctrl-alt-bs but by going to a non-X
>> console with ctrl-alt-F2 and sudo pkill Xorg. I suppose that's a bit
>> Linux/FreeBSD-specific, of course. sshing in from another machine also
>> works well.

> BTW, you can also kill it by switching to the terminal you ran it from
> (ctrl+alt+f1 usually) and just ^C-ing the running process... Obv. this
> requires you to have started X manually...

I use Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 4.1, which goes straight to a graphical
kdm login. KDE 4.1 is still not entirely polished and occasionally
forgets where its backside is, so has to be hit over the head. I'd
like to do something less drastic than kill X, but haven't found what
yet. (I should really get around to hitting the Ubuntu forums.)

Note that this is a case of a user having a frequent need to kill X
reliably. Sometimes ctrl-alt-bs just doesn't work (evidently it
forgets or no longer cares that it's got a keyboard).

I also really need to get around to some serious Kubuntu/KDE bug-reporting ...

- d.

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