Poll: Should Xorg change from using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to something harder for users to press by accident?

Igor Mozolevsky igor at hybrid-lab.co.uk
Tue Sep 23 04:11:45 PDT 2008

2008/9/23 Jason Spiro <jasonspiro4 at gmail.com>:

> In Linux, Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots unconditionally only in console mode.  Only
> expert users use console mode.  When X is running, on all my Linux machines,
> Ctrl-Alt-Del brings up a "shutdown-or-reboot?" dialog instead.  The vast
> majority of Linux users run X.

That's the desktop environment asking you that, not X. If you really
have to, provide a zap hook so that the desktop environment can catch

Igor :-)

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