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Fri Sep 19 13:27:27 PDT 2008

> > Both Solaris and BSD have very similar event APIs, afaik, and could
> > easily have drivers for same.  But they don't.  Patches gratefully etc.
> >
> > - ajax
> I'm really rather curious where you got the idea that FreeBSD had something
> that looked even vaguely like the Linux events.  I know that if you look at
> the FreeBSD man page EVENTHANDLER(9) you can see an event interface, but
> that one is intra-kernel, not exported to applications like the Linux one
> is.  Using the event interface, like evdev does, takes away the
> portability.
> The xf86_input_joystick interface is a way better example for how to write
> a driver than the evdev is (unless you're using Linux), because it
> compatibly brings in 3 different interfaces types, /including/ evdev.  If
> it were me, that's the one I'd give newbies, not evdev.
BSD has the usbhid interface, which uses events as well. It's implemented in 
xf86-input-joystick's backend_bsd.c file and it's pretty generic (here of 
course trimmed for joystick use).
Of course the interface is BSD-only (don't know about Solaris) but if the 
interfaces are somewhat compatible one could of course thing about wrapping 
it in the server, like the joystick driver does for itself.

- Sascha
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