synaptics: touchpad with 1 buton, emulate middle and right click

Mildred Ki'Lya ml.mildred593 at
Tue Sep 16 14:20:01 PDT 2008


I have a macbook, and a while ago (May 2008, when synaptics wasn't
included in the Xorg project), I made a patch in order to improve
usability of touchpad with one mouse button only.

I tried to send it to the maintainer of synaptics at this time, but I
had no answer. I also sent it on the mactel-linux mailing list.

Included the patch
if there wasn't any drastic modifications to the driver, it should
still apply since it is very simple.

Are you interested ?

How it works.
When configured that way, and if there is two or three fingers detected
on the touchpad while the (left) button is pressed, a middle or right
button click is generated.

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