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Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at arcor.de
Thu Sep 11 11:44:01 PDT 2008


> I'd say XI_MOUSE is wrong. JOYSTICK would be good, alternatively you could
> also think about having JOYSTICK, GAMEPAD, and whatnot, although as the XI_XYZ
> atoms show too many aren't that great either.
Isn't it more important for applications to know what _driver_ provides
the device, so they know about capabilities and things to set? The
_nature_ of the device seems only to be useful for displaying an image
of what the device might look like. Even if mouse, kbd and evdev provide
similar devices there might be a difference for the application. How are
combo-devices (tablet with keys through evdev) recognized and exposed to
applications? Isn't it dangerous for drivers other than evdev/mouse to
export XI_MOUSE, even if it is a mouse?

> Applications that expect XI_MOUSE from a joystick and break can be fixed with
> few LOC.
True, so I'll change that and see what it breaks. 

> It does leaves the question - should we merge JOYSTICK (etc.) into XI.h as
> defaults, or do you think it is better to provide them as part of the joystick
> driver?
For consistency and ease, I'm for merging it to XI.h.

But I don't think it makes much sense, if it is a per-driver setting.
Leave it to the drivers then, that makes adding new types easier.


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