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Wed Sep 10 09:59:22 PDT 2008

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For my XInput tablet driver, so far, i've been relying on options in xorg.conf
to give me screen size, but I know that there has to be a better way.  As a
user, it's always been possible for me to have more than one mode set up, and
switch between them via a control-alt-[plus\minus] key sequence.  What I want is
some way to detect the actual screen size in active use, and to find (via an
event) when it changes, so I can re-configure my tablet scaling details.  If
anyone knows of a way to tell the actual active screen size (in dots, like maybe
1024x768, like that, I'm not sure of the right name to give here), please give
me a hint, ok?

I'll be spending my time finding the event name, I think that's going to be
easier for me to locate, probably it'll be named to be obvious (I hope).

Thanks.  I have all my function key scaling code done, excepting that using the
xorg.conf scaling seems to me to be a very wrong way to go with that.  I'm
letting the user choose either a keycode or a path to execute, this from
xorg.conf, I can live with that part, I think.
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