multihead / dual input howto (two local users, keyboards etc.)?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at
Tue Sep 9 06:10:12 PDT 2008

Simos Xenitellis schrieb:
> Do a search for "multiseat". I think it shows more results.
> I have not tried this, so it's good to post a summary on the list once
> you have some results.

It still wonders a bit why i.e. Linux distributors still don't offer an 
easy to use tool for setting up a multiseat workstation.
It's a clear advantage over Windows, where setting up a multiseat is 
just impossible because of design. Use it in self-service Kiosks, 
libraries, schools etc.

I once saw a commercial multiseat Kiosk distribution running Linux[1], 
where they had this feature made perfectly.

First, you equip your workstation in multiple graphic cards, keyboards 
etc. (obvious step).

When the distribution boots, it automatically configures all graphic 
cards. Because there can be many keyboards and monitors, it can confuse 
the user which device belongs where, and therefore, on each monitor, it 
displays something like:

   "Press F4 and left-click your mouse if you're
    sitting in front of this workstation".


   "Press F2 and lefte-click your mouse if you're
    sitting in front of this workstation".

This way, it knows that a given keyboard is attached to a given monitor.


available as a free download

Tomasz Chmielewski

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