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Hi Brian,
I took a look at the Gallium code & following are
my analysis till now..
1>So, there is now,
& also means my client program first talks to which in turn talk to either of OR
EGL with X).And then loads the actual H/W dri
driver e.g. means even though i can complile both & together, but only of them will be present
in a system, and not both of them..Is this correct
2>Right now, i can there is three path from which
the actual driver(h/w's bootstrap function can be called.
1>From glX/x11 path, 2>From Or 3>From i can see as of now, is not directly calling
the , rather it is going via glX/x11 to initialize the
driver.So, for everything is talking to the hw dri driver
through glX.Why is it so?
3>When vendor will provide the GL
implementation, what all library we should expect from the
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