EGL for X

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Thu Sep 4 07:35:32 PDT 2008

Mustafizur Rahaman wrote:
> Hi,
> Does any one have worked on implementing EGL for X window system.
> I want to run some GL app for embedded system & therefore i have to use 
> GL-ES and EGL,I can't follow glX path here( Correct me if my assumtion 
> is wrong here).
> So,,let's say i have 2-3 GL-ES apps paralelly running on X,so i need an 
> EGL implementation which should be able to understand X system.So, 
> basically i want to know what all EGL needs to know and how EGL talks to 
> X etc and what all components should be modified.Has any one implemented 
> EGL driver on top of X?

We have EGL on X working on the Mesa gallium-0.1 branch.  There's no 
OpenGL ES 1/2 though, so you'd have to use full OpenGL.


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