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Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Sep 3 13:56:51 PDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 01:36:11PM -0400, Chuck Robey wrote:
> I have my tablet now working, but I;m fairly certain that I have the values to
> the  InitValuatorAxisStruct function all wrong ... my problem is, the parameter
> names just aren't clear to me, there's no comments, and no docs I can see, and
> the other drivers all seem to use it differently.  I have my driver working, but
> I am nearly certain it's not "right", so it won't interoperate with other things
> as it should.
> If anyone has any info on how that function's parameters should be used, I'd
> really appreciate a comment or two.  I'm now handling scaling by doing it myself
>  before I dispatch the events.

min_val is the minimum value you will ever hand it, and max_val is the
maximum value you will ever post for that valuator.  So, if you have a
1920x1200 screen, and you have min_val = 0 and max_val = 100 for both
x and y, posting (10, 20) will be converted to (192, 240) in screen

resolution, min_resolution and max_resolution are, IIRC, physical
values: units per metre.  So, if you have a 1m x 1m tablet with a
resolution of 1000, then your min_val is 0, and max_val is 1000
for both x and y.

What's the actual problem you're having? If this doesn't work for you,
please email back (preferably with actual code samples), describing
what you think your min_val and max_val are, what you're posting, the
end result you get, and what you think it should be.

If you haven't knocked one up already, (and the trivial, which should really
be extended to cover DeviceClassChangeNotify events) might be useful to
you too.

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