Regression in the siliconmotion driver

currojerez at currojerez at
Mon Sep 1 13:17:44 PDT 2008

The current siliconmotion HEAD has some problems with non-sm501 chipsets.
It seems this patch fixes the issues:

CHECK_SECONDARY() breaks XAA acceleration when using ShadowFB, so i've
modified it to do nothing for non-sm501 cards.

BTW, I tried to understand better how the second texture engine works
by looking at the Windows Direct3d implementation provided by SMI: It
never accesses the second texture registers... It seems it doesn't
even advertise multitexturing capabilities.

I suspect the 3d engine (or the databook) is buggy and the second
texture engine doesn't work at all...

I also tried to get DMA working without success (just lockups). The windows driver didn't gave me any insight on this, as it does everything through PIO.
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