Kdriver's offscreen memory limitation

manisha p salve manisha.psalve at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 10:47:01 PDT 2008

Hi all ,

I am writing a DDX driver for the graphics controller. The graphics
controller provides hardware acceleration support for CopyArea and Rectangle
This graphics controller can access complete system memory.
But in kdrive , it provides hardware acceleration only for pixmap/windows
which are in Framebuffer or  in offscreen memory ( this memory is adjacent
to framebuffer) only.
Because of this limitation , most of the H/W acceleration calls get rejected
as Framebuffer+Offscreen memory is limited and can not store all the pixmap
buffers.Kdrive provides UploadToScreen hook , which copies Pixmaps to the
offscreen memory , so that H/W acceleratopn can be used , but this is again
a overhead ( Copy the Pixmap from somewhere in system memory to offscreen
memory first and then to its final destination ).Please correct me if i am
As my graphics controller can access the whole system memory , i want to
remove this check from kdrive . How can we remove the offscreen memory
limitation ??? Has anyone faced this kind of problem before.???
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