[PATCH] partially fix xorg jhbuild by patching xorg/util/modular/xorg.modules

Vedran Rodic vrodic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 16:41:19 PDT 2008


Recently mesa has changed to depend on the dri2proto. I find jhbuild
useful for building the latest git of xorg, and it uses
xorg/util/modular/xorg.modules to figure out repository paths and
module dependencies.

 Mesa unfortunately still doesn't build because I'm not sure how to
add the reference to the pkg-config file of dri2proto to it, but I
believe this helps somewhat too.

diff --git a/xorg.modules b/xorg.modules
index a864490..1d0f7ab 100644
--- a/xorg.modules
+++ b/xorg.modules
@@ -160,6 +160,11 @@
   <autotools id="x11proto">
     <branch repo="git.freedesktop.org" module="xorg/proto/x11proto" checkoutdir
+ <autotools id="dri2proto">
+    <branch repo="git.freedesktop.org" module="xorg/proto/dri2proto" checkoutdi
+  </autotools>

   <metamodule id="xorg-protos">
@@ -194,6 +199,7 @@
       <dep package="xf86vidmodeproto"/>
       <dep package="x11proto"/>
       <dep package="pmproto"/>
+      <dep package="dri2proto"/>

@@ -659,6 +665,7 @@
       <dep package="libXxf86vm"/>
       <dep package="libXdamage"/>
       <dep package="libdrm"/>
+      <dep package="dri2proto"/>

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