Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Mar 31 09:17:12 PDT 2008

On Sunday, March 30, 2008 1:22 am Rodolfo Ferreira wrote:
> I have experienced Ubuntu since Feisty and so far, I realized few things
> have really changed. The question that is still unanswered is if
> flash+compiz, games+compiz will not crash the system, slow it down or
> require more processor power..anyway, like you said on an email

Do you see crashes or slowness with the latest driver bits from git?

> I was wondering if there could be the possibility to report video-related
> bugs and performance on a more effective way, just like Ubuntu Hardware
> Testing works. Probably a tool, a program or a simple
> video-control-panel-applet...So what do you say?

Bugs and performance problems can be reported at bugs.freedesktop.org.  
Whether there's a friendly interface to the bug reporting system is really a 
distro specific issue...

> i915-resolution does not work properly. What's the max resolution i915
> really supports?

You don't need to use i915_resolution with the 2.x series of drivers; they'll 
set modes w/o BIOS support.  The max resolution on a given screen is 
2048x2048 for i915 chips iirc.

> Also, when trying the 8.04BETA, xorg sets my video to "configured video
> device". I tried to set it manually to i915 but it points me to old
> 810...bleah.
> Can we expect the next BETA to have 2.2.99 already included?

You should talk with Ubuntu folks about that...


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