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Sun Mar 30 01:22:56 PDT 2008


I have experienced Ubuntu since Feisty and so far, I realized few things
have really changed. The question that is still unanswered is if
flash+compiz, games+compiz will not crash the system, slow it down or
require more processor power..anyway, like you said on an email

"If you're seeing performance issues on 915 or earlier, profile now
because there's a good chance that what you're seeing doesn't have a fix
in the pipeline."

I was wondering if there could be the possibility to report video-related
bugs and performance on a more effective way, just like Ubuntu Hardware
Testing works. Probably a tool, a program or a simple
video-control-panel-applet...So what do you say?

i915-resolution does not work properly. What's the max resolution i915
really supports?
Also, when trying the 8.04BETA, xorg sets my video to "configured video
device". I tried to set it manually to i915 but it points me to old
Can we expect the next BETA to have 2.2.99 already included?

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