Traversing X11 clients behind NAT (or X11 end-to-end connectivity)

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at
Mon Mar 24 21:57:06 PDT 2008

Simon Thum escreveu:
>> Maybe this would be a kick in the a** of the so called web-based 
>> applications. Now you have to learn how to program in html, php, ajax 
>> or another boring language to build something in this kind of 
>> environment. 
> I've used a remote web browser (konqueror) at univeristy from home, 12 
> ms ping,
> it was not really useable. Sure there are leaner apps, but X really 
> seems to need its
> local network. And to compete with those, you'd need more candy than konqui
> pushes on the wire. Now think of 60ms+ pings...

Well, for sure I was targeting high-bandwidth network when I proposed 
that. To give an answer to your statement I'll quote this paper [0] 
entitled 'On the Performance of Wide-Area Thin Client Computing':

"We conducted our experiments using Internet2 because it provides the 
kind of high-bandwidth network access that we expect will become 
increasingly cost-effective and accessible in future WAN environments."

"Our results show that thin-client computing in a WAN environment can 
deliver acceptable performance over Internet2, even when client and 
server are located thousands of miles apart on opposite ends of the 

>> There's a technique to create TCP connections between machines behind 
>> NAT/firewall called "hole punching' [0, 1]. With the help of a server 
> AFAIK this is now blessed as

hum? I didn't see any relation here.

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