Intel G35 with HDMI Video AND audio

Chad masterclc at
Fri Mar 21 14:40:35 PDT 2008

The goods:

Gentoo 2.6.24
Vizio VS42L

The good news first:

I plugged in my HDMI cable to the back of my motherboard, and into the
TV.  I rebooted, watched the BIOS post, watched Grub load, and watched
the console scroll by while initializing Linux.  Then X started,
probed my TV, and I got a 1920x1080P signal sent over HDMI to my TV!
Well done, worked like a champ, and looks beautiful.

The bad news:

I don't have any audio.  I do remember someone mentioning this before,
but I also remember seeing threads since then regarding the issue and
am not sure what the current situation is.

What I would love to see:

The same thing, but instead of no audio, whatever audio is available.
I have a couple of the newer HD audio formats available to pass
through to my A/V receiver for testing once the Intel HDMI stuff
"works", but even regular mp3/ogg/$any audio doesn't seem to get

Any information on getting this working would be great.  If I can help
troubleshoot the problem, I'd be happy to provide whatever information


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