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Thu Mar 20 09:21:19 PDT 2008

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I have a UC-Logic WP8060, and I have done a TON of reading, of the USB/HID
spec (I hate that damn spec, it's the worst one I have ever seen), and I am
ready as far as that goes to write the usb driver, with the exception, I
know that the Xinput driver is my consumer, and I know very little about my
tablet beyond what comes out of the USB HID config info.  This means two

1) I have no idea what the Xinput driver should do (what are it's inputs,
outputs, and possible externally seen processes)

2) I found 4 other tablet drivers (acecad, aiptek, hyperpen, and penmount),
but I have no idea which might be close enough to mine, so that I might
best able to change it into working with the UC-Logic one.

Beyond even that, is the correct strategy to modify an existing driver to
make it work *additionally* with mine, or to produce a new dirver, maybe?

If I'm talking at the wrong list, please tell me.  If I'm talking to the
right one, I have sent two emails so far to the UC-Logic's foreign design
folks, but no answer yet.  They might not speak english.  The US salesman,
one heck of a nice guy, de does, but he's got no direct connect to the
design folks that he will own up to (I do tend to trust him, but I could be

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