[patch] Re: HAL and hotplugging

Magnus Vigerlöf Magnus.Vigerlof at home.se
Sun Mar 16 15:29:59 PDT 2008

On söndag 16 mars 2008, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Yes, it must be integrated into the desktop or this whole daemon is
> > becoming quite pointless fast.. :) My idea of integration is to host the
> > hotplugger daemon as an application on fd.o and provide a D-Bus interface
> > for different desktops to be used for integration.
> Well, the point is, if we can define a stable D-Bus API to use for the
> daemon, why can't we define a stable X API?

There's no reason we can't do that. At the moment I do see a problem for thin 
clients and also some possible security-issues with this approach, so if we 
find a better way...

> Cheers,
> Daniel, who's already been down the external daemon path and regretted
> it

But it is the only way to handle these (=wacom) devices today (even if we wish 
it was different).

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