Tablet with evdev driver

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Sun Mar 16 09:41:12 PDT 2008

Le dimanche 16 mars 2008 à 17:16 +0100, Andrej Gelenberg a écrit :

> i have one G-Pen 340 Pen Tablet. It report as evdev. I wrote small test 
> program and i known now, than X-Axis have code 0x2 and Y-Axis have code 
> 0x3. My question is, how can i remap XYZ-Axis?

The evdev driver relays the kernel view of an input device. If a device
needs to be quirked (change axis order, etc) it's better to do it at the
kernel level (this is how mouse wheels are handled for example)

Nicolas Mailhot
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