1920x1080 HDTV display is poor

kofboy kofboy at 163.com
Sun Mar 16 01:58:46 PDT 2008

Yang Zhang,

>I'm trying to set up my Ubuntu Linux 7.10 system to display properly on 
>a HDTV that's supposed to support 1920x1080.  It's a Sharp Aquos 
>LC-62U42C (I believe it's identical to the LC-42D62U).  Currently, my 
>screen resolution is supposedly 1920x1080, but the display looks like 
>crap (very grainy/irregular pixels) and the edges of my screen are 
>getting cut off.  Also, the color is a bit too pale (white/blue).  My 
>current xorg.conf is attached (it's mostly the same as what the default 
>that was previously there).  I've tried tweaking a bunch of things - the 
>most recent additions the final modeline and Option ExactModeTimingsDVI 
>(though I've read that tweaking these should not be necessary in light 
>of X's auto-configuration capabilities).
>Please let me know if any further information can help you help me. 
>Thanks in advance for any hints!

turn off overscan of your TV.

               kofboy at 163.com

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